230v 50Hz, 13A, Single Phase

A qualified electrician should undertake the electrical installation. All electrical components are CE Marked and the Control Cabinet wired to EN60204-1.

Note: We recommend that an RCD is fitted to the Electrical supply to the Bio-Sparge SMB. General use: 30mA 20 millisecond, Equine, Racehorse installations: 30mA 5 millisecond.
We recommend that a tap, or isolation valve should be installed in the water supply to the Bio-Sparge Cabinet, to allow the water supply to be turned off for maintenance of the Bio- Sparge SMB.

Clean Mains water, or a Borehole water supply, minimum pressure 2 bar (29 PSI) maximum pressure 7 bar (100 PSI).

If the water supply is not clean then an inline filter should be fitted to ensure that only good quality water is supplied to the Bio-Sparge SMB.

Note: The Bio-Sparge SMB incorporates back flow protection (WRAS classification Type A Air Gap with Circular Overflow). However some Water Authorities may consider that the fitment of a reduced pressure zone valve, or other verifiable backflow prevention device for protection against backflow in fluid category 4 or 5 is necessary. If in doubt contact your local Water Authority or a qualified ACP (Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers Approved Contractor Person).
It is recommended that a biodegradable PH neutral Chemical / Disinfectant is used with the Bio-Sparge SMB.

Consult with your chemical supplier and ensure that the chemicals used comply with all regulations and local bylaws.
The system needs to be mounted on a concrete base with all of its counter parts (sensor posts, spray bars, main unit etc).

BIO-SPARGE SMB SH (240 volt supply)

The BIO-SPARGE SMB 120 is our most popular system and widely used on for farms biosecurity both in the UK and overseas.

The Bio-Sparge SMB is a Farm Entrance Security System designed to automatically spray vehicles entering or exiting with a water and chemical disinfectant spray to help eradicate the challenges that face farms and flocks from day to day visiting traffic.

– Provides a full coverage of vehicle
– Uses mains water and a 240 volt power supply
– Chemical % can be adjustable to suit
– Uses smart movement beams
– Incorporates a Internal heater system
– Easy to use with warning lights
– Singular spray bars

The Bio-Sparge SMB 120 is best installed on a concrete base with a camber to assist run off and avoid puddles. Please enquire for more details.

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Bio-Sparge 120

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