BIO †SPARGE SMB †SH (240 volt supply)

The Bio-Sparge SMB †SH is a Farm Entrance Security System designed to automatically spray vehicles entering or exiting with a water and chemical disinfectant spray to help eradicate the challenges that face farms and flocks from day to day visiting traffic, this is the most basic model that Bodo Ltd manufacture and does not come with integrated housing, heating, warning signals, etc that the SMB 160/120 come with.

This system is designed to be situated in a pre-existing shed/housing unit which is kept heated at an ambient temperature to protect the system from freezing temperatures. It does come with a external frost protection stat so if the outside temperature drops below freezing the system will switch off for safety of outside water residue from freezing.

The Bio-Sparge SH is designed for low traffic farms and can cover a farm entrance of a maximum of 3.6m (12ft) this system cannot be lenghtened.

The Bio-Sparge uses either mains or farm bore hole water which is then automatically mixed at a controlled percentage with a neutral PH chemical to provide the disinfectant spray, Dilution / percentage rates are adjustable, but once set, no further adjustment is needed. WRAC approved air gaps are incorporated within the Bio-Sparge’s external water tank (220 ltr) to prevent any back flow of chemical / detergent into the water supply.

The Bio-Sparge SMB uses Smart Movement Beams to trigger the Bio-Sparge’s management system which operates the pump and valves for a pre-set time. The water and chemical / detergent solution is pumped through the spray bars to disinfect the vehicle at a pre-set dosage rate.

The Bio-Sparge SMB is best installed on a concrete base with a camber to assist run off and avoid puddles. When used with high volumes of traffic consideration should be given to the drainage and storage of the run-off water. The Bio-Sparge SMB should not be installed on soft ground, gravel, or tarmac and will not be warranted.

Prices: Starting from £3700.00 (Standard 3.6m width cannot be altered). Additional Width: £180.00 per meter.

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