230v 50Hz, 13A, Single Phase

A qualified electrician should undertake the electrical installation. All electrical components are CE Marked and the Control Cabinet wired to EN60204-1.

Note: We recommend that an RCD is fitted to the Electrical supply to the Bio-Sparge SMB. General use: 30mA 20 millisecond, Equine, Racehorse installations: 30mA 5 millisecond.
We recommend an IBC (Intermediate bulk container) which has the capacity of 1000 ltrs of water/chemical mix, supplied by yourselves.
It is recommended that a biodegradable PH neutral Chemical / Disinfectant is used with the Bio-Sparge SMB.

Consult with your chemical supplier and ensure that the chemicals used comply with all regulations and local bylaws.
The system needs to be mounted on a concrete base with all of its counter parts (sensor posts, spray bars, main unit etc).

The Bio-Sparge SMB SH-100 is a Farm Entrance Security System designed to automatically spray vehicles entering or exiting with a water and chemical disinfectant spray to help eradicate the challenges that face farms and flocks from day to day visiting traffic, this is the most basic model that Bodo Ltd manufacture and does not come with integrated housing, heating, warning signals, etc that the SMB 320/160/120 come with.

– Provides a full coverage of vehicle (only up to 3.6m)
– Uses mains water and 230 volt power supply
– Chemical % can be adjustable to suit
– Uses smart movement beams

The Bio-Sparge SMB is best installed on a concrete base with a camber to assist run off and avoid puddles. Please enquire for more details.

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Bio-Sparge 100

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