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BIO-barbotage SMB 160

BIO-barbotage SMB 160-(400 volt Three Phase Supply)

The BIO-SPARGE SMB 160 is a larger system specifically designed for larger sites which have higher volumes of traffic / wider roadways.

Bodo Ltd’s biggest system comes with twin spray bars for the better coverage of a high movement site.

  The Bio-Sparge SMB 160 is a Farm Entrance Security System designed to automatically spray vehicles entering or exiting with a water and chemical disinfectant spray to help eradicate the challenges that face farms and flocks from day to day visiting traffic.

 Smart Movement faisceau (SMB) technology automatically triggers the system (walkways can be installed with these beams if you have a personnel walkway, so they don’t trigger the system off.).

 Users can easily select vehicle spray direction, Entry only, Entrée à la fois & Exit, or just Exit only spraying

 System automatically mixes water and Chemical to the pre-set strength depending on recommended rates from the chemical supplier.

The Bio-Sparge uses either mains or farm bore hole water which is then automatically mixed at a controlled percentage with a neutral PH chemical to provide the disinfectant spray, Dilution / taux de pourcentage sont réglables, but once set, aucun autre ajustement est nécessaire. WRAC approved air gaps are incorporated within the Bio-Sparge’s integral water tank (200 ltr) to prevent any back flow of chemical / détergent dans l'alimentation en eau.

The Bio-Sparge SMB incorporates internal heating to protect the Bio-Sparge’s components in cold weather together with automatic visual status alarms. These alarms provide protection to the Bio-Sparge in the event of a loss of water supply, ou lors d'un fonctionnement dans des conditions froides.

The Bio-Sparge SMB is best installed on a concrete base with a camber to assist run off and avoid puddles. When used with high volumes of traffic consideration should be given to the drainage and storage of the run-off water. The Bio-Sparge SMB should not be installed on soft ground, gravier, or tarmac and will not be warranted.

Des prix: Starting from £8885.00 (largeur de 3,6 m standard)



380-415v, 50Hz, 3P + N + E, 16UNE, Three Phase Bio-Sparge Units

A qualified electrician should undertake the electrical installation. All electrical components are CE Marked and the Control Cabinet wired to EN60204-1.

Remarque: We recommend that an RCD is fitted to the Electrical supply to the Bio-Sparge SMB. Usage général: 30mA - 20 milliseconde, chevalin, installations de chevaux de course: 30mA - 5 milliseconde.


We recommend that a tap, or isolation valve should be installed in the water supply to the Bio-Sparge Cabinet, to allow the water supply to be turned off for maintenance of the Bio- barbotage SMB.

Clean Mains water, ou une alimentation d'eau de forage, pression minimale 2 bar (29 PSI) maximum pressure 7 bar (100 PSI).

If the water supply is not clean then an inline filter should be fitted to ensure that only good quality water is supplied to the Bio-Sparge SMB.

Remarque: The Bio-Sparge SMB incorporates back flow protection (WRAS classification ‘Type AF’ Air Gap with Circular Overflow’). However some Water Authorities may consider that the fitment of a reduced pressure zone valve, or other ‘verifiable backflow prevention device’ for protection against backflow in fluid category 4 ou 5 est nécessaire. If in doubt contact your local Water Authority or a qualified ACP (Institut de plomberie & Ingénieurs de chauffage – Approved Contractor Person).


It is recommended that a biodegradable PH neutral Chemical / Disinfectant is used with the Bio-Sparge SMB.

Consult with your chemical supplier and ensure that the chemicals used comply with all regulations and local bylaws.


The system needs to be mounted on a concrete base with all of its counter parts (sensor posts, pulvériser barres, etc unité principale).

Below is a link to a birdseye view groundworks drawing and a 3d version. notez la 3D version est la mise en page typique pour un soakaway.

Nous sommes un producteur de contrat pour Avaigen, et ont été en utilisant Volaille incinérateurs de Bodo depuis plus 15 années, et que nous avons 10 au total. Ils sont simples, fiable et facile à entretenir. Ils sont également économiques par rapport à la concurrence.

- Brian Scott, De JB Scott

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