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Poultry incinerator

Norfolk Incinerators

Norfolk incinerators are the best solution for the disposal of poultry carcasses.

Incineration is fast, clean and eliminates disease. The Norfolk Incinerator is easy to operate and efficient with both of our Incinerators they have full refectory lining, safety flame cut-off valves and the choice of an automatic burn time control (optional) and with no power needed. The lower burners are for the incineration and the secondary burners are to minimise the smoke emission to DEFRA approved standards.

The Norfolk Incinerator is designed for outdoor use but ideally should be placed in a well ventilated fireproof shed to protect it from the elements, especially wind, rain and frost. Wind will adversely affect the burning efficiency and the secondary chamber temperature. Rain will prematurely corrode the outside of the incinerator and cold air entering the incinerator while in use can cause thermal shock i.e. cracks in the refractory lining.

Keeping away from residential area’s, highways, wooden buildings and any inflammable materials. (See link for our sheds).

It is recommended that any by-laws and regulations regarding the location of the incinerator are checked with the local authority.


Bio-security – eliminates the spread of disease to other locations.

Beseitigt Grundwasserverschmutzung.

Reduces the attraction of vermin.

High temperature reduces the carcasses to fine ash.

Kein Land Platz für Grab verschwendet.

Incineration is considered the most hygienic method of disposal of poultry carcasses.

Incinerator technische Spezifikation

Machen: Norfolk Incinerator
Modell: 002 LGE £3900 +VAT

Modell: 002-LGE-(large door) £4200 +VAT

Incinerator Shed

Our incinerator sheds are suitable for both of Bodo Ltd’s applications, made out of galvanised sheet for most of the exterior with mild steel box section finished in a clean gloss black connecting everything together. With a footprint of 2.5m square and an overall height of 2.8m at the highest point which accommodates both of our applications with ease and leaves enough room for users to walk around and easily use the application.

The shed needs to be situated on a hard standing concrete base so that our engineers can anchor down the shed protecting the system from adverse weather applications.

Machen: Incinerator Shed
Price£1250 +VAT

Banham Poultry Limited sind der größte Arbeitgeber Mitte Norfolk und Betrieb eines voll integrierten Geflügelgeschäft in Norfolk, die Legebetriebe beinhaltet, Brutplatz, Broilerhaltungen und ein Verfahren Website. Bei der Modernisierung eines Teils des Geschäfts sie erkennen, dass es wichtig ist, die beste verfügbare Technologie, um Vorteile für die Wohlfahrt und die Qualität zu maximieren, ohne dabei die Umweltleistung.

Eine der jüngsten Entwicklungen Banhams, ein Flaggschiff wachsenden Farm umfasst Vorderkante Entwicklungen und die BODO Bio-Sparge wurde installiert, um die lebenswichtige Rolle der Avantgarde zu den Bauernhöfen Bio Sicherheit gewährleisten, dass alle Fahrzeuge und Geräte Betreten und Verlassen der Website durchführen vollständig besprüht Kreuzkontamination zu verhindern.

- Bob Waterson, Senior Manager Banham Geflügel

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