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BIO-Sparge IBC

The BODO Ltd Bio-Sparge IBC is simple to operate, uses water pre-mixed with chemicals of neutral PH disinfectant to help eradicate the challenges that face farms and flocks from day to day visiting traffic.

The Bio-Sparge IBC is designed to operate in locations where there is no mains water, or farm supply water available. The water supply to the Bio-Sparge is by separate container / reservoir provided by the farm or site, and needs to contain water and disinfectant pre-mixed to the desired concentration.

The vehicle passing the sensor operates the Bio-Sparge IBC,this triggers a variable timer which operates the pumps and the valves for the pre-set time, the solution is pumped through the pipework and jets to help disinfect the vehicles.

For this system you will need a 240v supply and a clean bulk storage container to hold your water/chemical mix, we recommend an IBC (Intermediate bulk container). With your system you will get a self-contained sealed unit that is insulated and heated for frost protection, bracketry to mount straight onto your IBC with no hassle and all the necessary components to get your system up and running.

On the Bio-sparge IBC you can extend the roadway from the standard 3.6m up to the 6.0m mark, this system will spray entering and exiting vehicles (SMB 160/120 you have the option to switch from, entry only, exit only or both ways.)

Preise: starting from £3565.00 (Standard 3,6m Breite).



230v 50Hz, 13EIN, Einzelphase

A qualified electrician should undertake the electrical installation. All electrical components are CE Marked and the Control Cabinet wired to EN60204-1.

Hinweis: We recommend that an RCD is fitted to the Electrical supply to the Bio-Sparge SMB. Allgemeiner Gebrauch: 30mA - 20 Millisekunden, Pferde, Rennpferd-Installationen: 30mA - 5 Millisekunden.


We recommend an IBC (Intermediate bulk container) which has the capacity of 1000 ltrs of water/chemical mix, supplied by yourselves.


It is recommended that a biodegradable PH neutral Chemical / Desinfektionsmittel mit dem Bio-Sparge SMB verwendet.

Consult with your chemical supplier and ensure that the chemicals used comply with all regulations and local bylaws.


The system needs to be mounted on a concrete base with all of its counter parts (Sensor Beiträge, Sprühbalken, main unit etc). Below is a link to a birdseye view groundworks drawing and a 3d version. note the 3d version is the typical layout for a soakaway.

Wir haben die Geflügelverbrennungsanlage über hatten 10 Jahre, und wir haben es einmal jährlich gewartet. Ich mag es, wie sie den Hof sauber hält und stellt dem Ministerium. Es ist ein wunderbares System und kostengünstig, wenn sie mit stinkenden Sprünge im Vergleich. Es sind keine Ratten, kein Geruch, nicht fliegt und ich würde empfehlen, die Geflügelverbrennungsanlagen.

- Spencer Hitchman. Besitzer einer Geflügelfarm

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