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Bio-Sparge Extras

Extra treads and pipework

Each Bio-sparge comes with a standard pipework set-up of 3.6m (12ft), if your entrance is larger we manufacture the systems pipework to suit your needs. Extra length sets include : pipework (1050mm), tread plate, necessary fittings including jets and floor anchors.

Price per set: £180.00 + Mehrwertsteuer

Spare Beams


With our Bio-Sparges the ultra sonic beams which we use to trigger the system come in 2 different sizes, the ultra 600 comes standard with the SMB 160 and the ultra 340 comes standard with all our other Bio-Sparge products the SMB 120, SH and the IBC.

We use universal wiring harnesses so if needed they can be swapped depending on your needs and the size of your entrance.

The 2 beams that we supply have different coverage ranges, the ultra 600 covers upto a range of 6m and the ultra 340 covers a range of upto 3.4m.

So if your entrance is above 5m we recommend you upgrade to the ultra 600.

With the digital display and the numeric configuration via touch control and the easy teach-in setting of the detect point the ultrasonic sensor can be easily put into operation. Walkways and parameters can also be set to rule out any unwanted triggering of the system.

Prices below are for a singular beam.

Prices fromUltra 600 £366.00 + Mehrwertsteuer
Prices fromUltra 340 £256.00 + Mehrwertsteuer

Enable Push Button

Enable push button

The enable push button is an option which allows you to place the supplied push button to the inside of your signing in house/shed, this push button will not allow the Bio-Sparge to activate until it is pressed by a driver delivering/picking up from your site, meaning the driver will have to exit the vehicle, clean his/her boots, sign in and then push the button to power up the system.

Customers commonly coincide this feature with an electronic gate when an owner/ site manager is suspicious that not every vehicle coming on site is using the proper measures and abiding by certain rules to keep everything in check and Bio-Secure.

Wir haben die Bio-Sparge zuverlässig befunden, benutzerfreundlich, effektiv und mit einer großen Backup-Service von Bodo Limited. Es ist für die Royal Norfolk anzeigen, wo es etwa verwendet 800 bis 1000 Fahrzeugbewegungen an den Gates. Wir haben zwei Bio-Sparges man Position auf der Schaf Eingang und der andere an das Vieh, Ziegen und Schweine Eingang. Beim Blick auf andere Lösungen fanden wir die Bio-Sparge um die vereinfachende und effektive Produkt auf dem Markt sein,. Wir mögen auch die Tatsache, dass es ist tragbar und kann leicht auf andere Eingänge haben wir auf der Messe bewegt werden.

- Stephen Hood, Veranstaltungsort und Estates-Manager, Royal Norfolk Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft

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