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Bio-security Wheel Washer

Bio-security Wheel Washer

Help protect your business from the spread of disease.

Why Choose The Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer?

  • Award winning
  • Cost effective
  • Simple to operate
  • Robust construction
  • Suitable for most challenging environments
  • Helps with farm bio-security
  • Variety of models to suit all wheel washing needs
  • Uses environmental friendly, hospital grade disinfectant
  • Available in any RAL number colour.

The Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer is a low cost disinfectant wheel spray system. Used on farm, livestock auction, feed mill, hatcheries and agricultural show entrances to strengthen your farm biosecurity measures.

How does the Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer work?

The disinfectant wheel spray system is simple to operate, and robust and works in most challenging environments. The Bio-Sparge incorporates a dosing valve and pump that applies a barrier of disinfectant solution via spray nozzles to the underside and sides of vehicles. The system is triggered automatically by all approaching vehicles and can be programmed directionally. The Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer is in use at show grounds, livestock auctions and poultry and pig farms in the UK and worldwide.

We have a variety of Bio-Sparge models to suit your needs.

Here is a table that explains what we have on offer.

SMB-160 Wheel Washer Bio-Sparge SMB 160 * The SMB160 is for heavier concentration of traffic and comes with larger pump, can accommodate greater levels of traffic
SMB-120 Wheel Washer Bio-Sparge SMB 120 * Wheel Spray smart movement beam, programmable sprayer that has a stainless steel pump and can be easily set with adjustable chemical strengths.
 Wheel Washer Hose trip Bio-Sparge Hose Trip * 240 volt timed sprayer works on water pressure with solenoid. Triggered by a vehicle approach hose with a premixed solution on and off your farm.
 Wheel Washer Remote Bio-Sparge Remote A pre mixed solution is sprayed on traffic for emergency Bio-Security situations. Quick and simple to assemble triggered by vehicle approach hose.
 Wheel Washer Treads Extra Treads One extra meter of tread, one meter of pipe, one spray nozzle and four extra anchors. For larger gateways.
Fitting the Wheel Washer Fitting Service Engineer to fit Bio-Sparge to your concrete base and plugin electrics to your socket. Electrical work to be completed by others. We also connect to your water supply nearby.
Bio-Sparge Shipping Shipping We can dispatch to the UK and beyond via Euro Pallet either tail lift or forklift, please advise.


The Bio-Sparge in operation

More Information on why the disinfectant wheel spray system the Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer would be perfect for your business.

  • For bio-security (help prevent the spread of diseases such as Swine Flu, Avian Influenza, HS1N, Foot and Mouth, Blue Ear among many others)
  • No electricity needed (at farm water pressure)
  • Electric pump version also available when water pressure is unsuitable
  • Washes the wheels and underside of farm traffic
  • Solid robust construction
  • The Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer is easy to install
  • Self-assembly or installed by our trained fitters
  • Manufactured to suit any opening, farm gate and agricultural entrances or anywhere where livestock are kept
  • Use Non-corrosive and Bio-Degradable Chemicals
  • The wheel washer is ideal for remote locations

We use the spin feeders on all four of our raring sites. Every Crown chicken is reared on the Bodo Limited Spin Feeder. They are good quality, very reliable and have needed no maintenance. They have been superb, and are no problem.

- Barry Nicholas, Breeder Production Manager, Crown

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