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Poultry Incinerators

Poultry incinerator

Why use Bodo Poultry Incinerators?

  • Traditional methods of disposal are now becoming unacceptable
  • Gas fired (LPG) and requires no electricity
  • Eliminates the spread of disease to other locations
  • High Temperature reduces carcasses to fine ash
  • No land space wasted for burial
  • Eliminates water table contamination
  • Reduces the attraction of flies and vermin
  • Incineration is now considered the most hygienic method of disposal of animal carcasses
  • Conforms to Defra and European Type Approval of low capacity incinerators
  • Typical burn rate (Kg/Hr) 35/40

Incinerator technical specification

Make: Poultry Incinerator
Model: 002 LGE-SC

Complies with Local Planning Permission and Bylaws.

For more details download our Norfolk Incinerator Manual and please contact us for a full technical specification.

Incinerator Shed

Make: Incinerator Shed
Model: BL960

We recommend incinerators are enclosed for safety, so we provide an incinerator shed. This comes prefabricated, flat pack and it is easy to install.

We are a contract farmer for Avaigen, and have been using Bodo’s Poultry Incinerators for over 15 years, and we have 10 in total. They are simple, reliable and easy to maintain. They are also economical when compared to the competition.

- Brian Scott, From JB Scott

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