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Egg palletainers

Egg Pallentainers

Egg Palletainers for storage and movement of eggs on farms and for wholesalers.

Why Choose the Bodo Limited Egg Palletainer?

  • Hygienic and easy to clean egg pallets
  • 4 shelves, one movable for ease of stacking
  • Storage of 360 dozen eggs per palletainers
  • Manufactured of galvanised steel and riveted modular construction
  • Fixed and swivel heavy duty nylon castors
  • Designed to fit into egg lorries
  • Less cracks and breakages than with other methods of egg transportation
  • Each egg palletainers can also be used for grading eggs

We use the spin feeders on all four of our raring sites. Every Crown chicken is reared on the Bodo Limited Spin Feeder. They are good quality, very reliable and have needed no maintenance. They have been superb, and are no problem.

- Barry Nicholas, Breeder Production Manager, Crown

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