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Egg Pallentainers

Egg Palletainers for storage and movement of eggs on farms and for wholesalers.

Why Choose the Bodo Limited Egg Palletainer?

Bodo ltd’s egg palletainers are constructed of galvanised steel and riveted together for a strong clean finish. With the heavy duty nylon casters, 2 swivel and 2 fixed, it manoeuvres with ease when empty or at full capacity of up to 360 dozen eggs per palletainer. When loading the palletainer you have 3 fixed shelves and 1 which is movable for easy loading of the bottom shelf. 

Designed to be space efficient in most common used egg lorries, also causing less cracks and breakages than with other methods of transportation.

All in all the Bodo ltd egg palletainer is an easy, hygienic and cost effective way to stock, grade, manoeuvre and transport your eggs.

Prices from £360.00 + VAT

We have had the poultry incinerator for over 10 years and we have it serviced once a year. I like it as it keeps the farm clean and compiles to the ministry. It’s a wonderful system and cost effective when compared with smelly skips. There are no rats, no smell, no flies and I would highly recommend the poultry incinerators.

- Spencer Hitchman, Owner of Poultry Farm

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