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Bio-security Wheel Washer

Introducing the BIO-SPARGE wheel spray disinfecting system for bio-security.

The cost-effective way forward in bio-security helping you protect your business from cross contamination and significantly reduce the risk of disease entering livestock enterprises.

The bio-sparge is a low cost efficient disinfectant vehicle spray system for use on farm, feed mills, livestock auctions, agricultural show entrances, zoos, veterinary practises and colleges, to help meet the challenges of preventing the spread of disease amongst livestock.

We have a variety of Bio-Sparge models to suit your needs:

Bio-Sparge IBC

Size: 6M

Mounted on top of an IBC (not supplied) the pre mixed solution is triggered automatically by the smart movement beams, frost protected.
Suitable for small/low traffic sites. 240v supply needed.

Price: £3565.00

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Bio Sparge SH-100

Size: 3M

Designed to be situated in a pre-existing shed, suitable for low traffic volume, 220 ltr tank, variable % dosatron, frost protected. 240v supply needed.

Price: £3700.00

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Bio-Sparge SMB 120

Size: 6M

SMB 120 (Smart Movement Beam) system, triggers automatically and mixes water and chemical to the pre-set strength. Adjustable spray times and chemical strength, automatic alarms for low chemical, low temperature, low water, etc. 240v supply needed.

Price: £4995.00

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Bio-Sparge SMB 160

Size: 10M x 2

The SMB 160 (Smart Movement Beam) is similar to the SMB 120, but is high traffic sites and comes with a larger pump and larger integral water tank.
400v supply needed.

Price: £8885.00

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How does the Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer work?

The onboard computer controls everything so you don’t have to, which makes the system simple to operate, and robust enough to work in challenging environments. The programmable bio-sparge is automatically triggered by vehicles as they enter your premises. It incorporates a dosing valve to apply a disinfectant solution via stainless steel pipework and through brass spray nozzles to the sides and underside of vehicles as they drive through. A typical arctic lorry would use 9 litres in 18 seconds if traveling at the suggested speed of 5mph.

Our range of BIO-SPARGE automatic vehicle sprayers provide you with a low cost disinfectant wheel and chassis spray system to strengthen your biosecurity and significantly reduce the risk of disease entering your business.

We have a number of systems in our range to suit your requirements. The most popular are our SMB (Smart Movement Beam) systems which use sophisticated photo-electric sensors to automatically trigger the spray cycle when a vehicle approaches.

Users can easily select Entry spraying only, both Entry & Exit spraying, or Exit only and the BIO- SPARGE always automatically mixes the water and disinfectant / chemical to the pre-set strength. Our SMB systems also incorporate Adjustable Spray Times and Automatic Alarms providing you with a flexible and robust system which will reliably operate in the most challenging environments.

  • Each BIO-SPARGE SMB system is designed to fit the minimum 3.0 meter (12 feet) wide roadway, wider roadways are available (depending on the model). With spray nozzles, stainless steel pipe and stainless protective treads to suit. .If required we can offer a full on-site installation and commissioning service using our own experienced engineers. Please contact us to arrange a no obligation site survey.

We also have a variety of Bio-Sparge extras to suit your requirements

 Wheel Washer Treads Extra Treads One extra meter of tread, one meter of pipe, one spray nozzle and four extra anchors. For larger gateways.
Fitting the Wheel Washer Fitting Service Engineer to fit Bio-Sparge to your concrete base and plugin electrics to your socket. Electrical work to be completed by others. We also connect to your water supply nearby.
Bio-Sparge Shipping Shipping We can dispatch to the UK and beyond via Euro Pallet either tail lift or forklift, please advise.

More Information on why the disinfectant wheel spray system the Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer would be perfect for your business.

  • For bio-security (help prevent the spread of diseases such as Swine Flu, Avian Influenza, HS1N, Foot and Mouth, Blue Ear among many others)
  • No electricity needed (at farm water pressure)
  • Electric pump version also available when water pressure is unsuitable
  • Washes the wheels and underside of farm traffic
  • Solid robust construction
  • The Bio-Sparge Wheel Washer is easy to install
  • Self-assembly or installed by our trained fitters
  • Manufactured to suit any opening, farm gate and agricultural entrances or anywhere where livestock are kept
  • Use Non-corrosive and Bio-Degradable Chemicals
  • The wheel washer is ideal for remote locations

We have had the poultry incinerator for over 10 years and we have it serviced once a year. I like it as it keeps the farm clean and compiles to the ministry. It’s a wonderful system and cost effective when compared with smelly skips. There are no rats, no smell, no flies and I would highly recommend the poultry incinerators.

- Spencer Hitchman, Owner of Poultry Farm

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