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Vehicle spray disinfectant wheel spray system

Bodo Limited is a globally renowned business that has been operating since the mid-80s offering incinerators for waste management in the poultry industry. Not only that but our UK manufacturing facility produces chicken feeders for large poultry farms, egg palletainers, and the award winning Bio-Sparge. Based in Norfolk, Bodo Limited delivers products across the UK and also worldwide.

All the poultry incinerators are DEFRA approved designed by Bodo Rissmann, owner and founder of the company. We are a family run firm, and are pleased to say most of our customers have been with us since the beginning.

We are aware that you and your customers are more concerned than ever about Bio-Security, and protecting your product. Therefore we have designed the Bio-Sparge wheel washer to ensure your farm entrances our secure at the highest standard. This technique is now a staple on new farms with bio-security an important factor. We are pleased to say that the Bio-Sparge is award-winning, and used at farms, and agricultural shows in the UK and beyond.

We are leaders in innovative products and manufacturing solutions, we can assist by making your designs and ideas into reality. We are specialists in the farming industry and we are aware of the challenges you face. Call us today for an informal chat about how we can help you.

Banham Poultry Limited are mid Norfolk’s largest employer and operate a fully integrated poultry business in Norfolk that includes laying farms, hatchery, broiler farms and a process site. When modernising any part of the business they recognise that it is important to use best available technology in order to maximise benefits to welfare and quality without compromising environmental performance.

One of the most recent Banham developments, a flagship growing farm includes leading edge developments and the BODO Bio-Sparge has been installed to perform the vital role of vanguard to the farms Bio security ensuring that all vehicles and equipment entering and leaving the site are completely sprayed preventing cross contamination.

- Bob Waterson, Senior Manager Banham Poultry

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